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Amy & Thierry Farges the new and improved (and continually updated!) site of Marché aux Delices, your home for the best mushrooms and delicacies worldwide! Visit the new (and classic) pages here at Marché aux Delices.  Join our on-line community and receive a free subscription to our monthly e-letter, M.A.D. about Mushrooms.  Oh yes, don't forget to use our secure shopping cart for all your mushroom purchases.

So what's new at Marché aux Delices?

The Mushroom Lover's Mushroom Cookbook - Amy has written the definitive book for lovers of fungi, full of great recipes.  Just published,  you can purchase it from our Secure Mushroom Shopping Cart .    For an amuse bouche...take a taste by clicking on the book for an excerpt.

  M.A.D. about Mushrooms - Do you ever wonder how mushrooms get from the forest to your door?  Are you trying to remember an old mushroom recipe you tried once?  Or have you passed by all those mushrooms in the store because you just don't get it?   Then it's time for a little armchair tasting.   Just sign up for M.A.D. About Mushrooms, our monthly, free, no fine-print newsletter about the world we know best-- fungus!  

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